1. I am a business, but don't know how to get my customer to create content for me?
Answer: No problem, there are many ways to engage with your customer. Anytime you create an opportunity you can share this with your social media to let your followers know that they can download the Butter app and begin creating content that promotes your brand. Otherwise, Contact me and we can develop a personalized Butter plan specific for your Business. Austin@spreadthebutter.com

2. I am a User and there are no companies or businesses near me to advertise for on Butter?
Answer: No problem, we have an affiliate program in place that allows our Users to sign up and begin marketing for their favorite businesses. Just walk up to that business and tell them you want to advertise for them. All they need to do is sign up for Butter, create a campaign, set a budget, and the commercial is yours. Any User that signs up a business to campaign with Butter will get a check sent to them for 10% of the initial campaign's budget.

3. I am a User. How do I make money with Butter?
Answer: It is very easy. Once you download the app navigate to the post tab. In the post tab you will find all the local and national companies looking for you to create content for them. Click on the opportunity, follow the company's requirement, and create your commercial for them. Once the video you made is approved share the video with your social media, text, and/ or email your friend. You will be paid anytime someone likes, clicks, share, or watches the content you created. Plus, your friends, the business, or anyone on the app can share your content as well. And, yes you will be paid when anyone on the app shares your content.

4. I am a User. How do I keep track of how my content is doing.
Answer: Very easy. Navigate to my posts and you can in real time keep track of the performance and money your making for each piece of content you create. Navigate to the, "Me", tab and you can keep track of your total earning and make requests to withdraw your money.

5. I am a User and I want to make money, but I do not want to create my own content. Can I still make money?
Answer: No problem. Anyone can make money with Butter whether they created the content or not. Just navigate to the, "Feed", tab and share someone else's video content whether they are nearby or anywhere. Whenever you share someone else's content you will split the money being earned between you and the person that created the content. You will be able to keep track of your earnings by navigating to the, "Me", tab.

6. I am a business. How do I know that the content created for my brand will be high quality and promote my business in the way that I want?
Answer: Great question. The best aspect of Butter is that your campaign is up to you. You can promote whatever product you want. You can promote whatever deal you want. And, you set other requirements you want the User to follow when they create the content for your brand. Based on the requirements you set as a business Butter has a mandatory approval process for each video before Users are able to share it with their network and begin making money. We make share the content adheres to the requirements you set as well as Butter's terms of service. Although, we want to be careful in setting too many requirement because we want the User to have as much freedom as possible to generate the most creative personalized content as possible.

7. I am a User. How do I create good content that will make me as much money as possible?
Answer: We encourage Users to think outside the box. As long as you follow the company's requirements and do not violate the terms of service you have the freedom to create anything you want. We have a saying at Butter, "The commercial is yours". Meaning you can be yourself, you can be someone else, you can use a funny accent, you can use props, and/or pretend your in a far away land….etc We hope you get the point.