The Butter Story: At Butter we are tired of commercialized advertising content being shoved down our throats everywhere we look. We believe consumers and producers are too disconnected in today’s complicated economic environment. We are bridging the gap and changing the relationship between a business and their customers. By enabling businesses to collaborate with customers through coordinated marketing efforts we not only increase a company’s market reach but also we increase customer loyalty and retention by forming stronger bonds and brand affiliation. Using Butter customers feel more valued than just being a customer, they feel like a partner and that is what brings us back again!

Stop throwing money away!!

Here at Butter we are committed to changing the way businesses market through social media. We take pride in high quality, personalized, video content created and distributed by your customers! There is nothing like having your customers promote your brand, and there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth marketing.

Can you imagine: Word-of-mouth+video content+social media=powerful marketing and effective high quality advertising.

We have many happy customers just ask for a reference. Contact us today to learn more about our secret sauce.